Coast Clocks on the Oregon Coast

Coast Clocks is one of the finest clock shops in the Pacific Northwest. The shop, located at 945 NW Hwy. 101 in Lincoln City, Oregon, is both a delight to visit for the antique history and a great place to find the perfect clock for any home. Grandfather, Grandmother, wall hangers, free swingers, mantle and cuckoo clocks are just a few styles available in this unique little shop along with a large selection of fun clocks such as skeleton (you can see the gears and movements), anniversary clocks and a great group of tide clocks (clocks that show the rising and falling of the Pacific ocean tides), that are created specifically for the Pacific Northwest Coast, the Lincoln City and Oregon beaches.

Antique Clocks:

Here is a few of the many antique clocks that are being offered by Coast Clocks. Some of these vintage clocks are over a hundred years old and still chiming with beautiful tones. All of these clocks have been cleaned and serviced to be in good working condition and will provide many more years of enjoyment. They are on display at the shop In Lincoln City and you are welcome to stop by anytime.



Specialty Clocks:

These clocks do more than just tell time, they are fun and decorative. There are the more traditional Anniversary clocks that you wind once a year and also skeleton clocks with quartz movements that you can see the gears and movements. You can see several different styles of coastal tide clocks in the Lincoln City shop. Tide clocks are a fun way to track the rising and falling of the West Coast tide and have delightful pictures of the Lincoln City and Pacific Coast beaches and lighthouses.

Heirloom Clocks:

The Hudson Family Clocks are custom handcrafted clocks built to be a family treasure for years to come. They are created from a variety of solid hardwoods and the movements are new from established manufacturers. They are sure to become the start of your family traditions.






With years of experience to draw upon, Barry is well versed in older clock movements such as Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Hermle and Kieninger. His experience covers all types and ages of clocks from Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Ridegeway, Empire, Gilbert, Black Forest Cuckoo clocks and more. His shop and store are a delight to visit. He operates a fully equipped shop in Lincoln City, Oregon, where he can clean and repair your broken clock, or by appointment he will make a house call, (some restrictions apply).

Coastal Clocks

If you don't think a vintage or historic clock is quite what you are looking for, then perhaps you would enjoy the new heirloom clock line that is now being offered by Coast Clocks. Check out the traditional heirloom timepieces that are crafted by the Pacific Northwest and America's newest clock makers, Hudson Family Clocks.

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We hope to hear from you soon with any of your questions and or concerns. With many of satisfied clients here in Lincoln City, Oregon. We feel confidents that we can handle all your clock needs. Thanks again for taking the time to check out our coastal clocks website and hope to here from you soon.